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1450 Taney Avenue, Frederick, MD 21702

Francis Scott Key Post 11

First meeting held at the Frederick City Armory on Wednesday, July 19, 1919, in Frederick Maryland.
First Members of Post
Lt. Col. D. John Markey     Capt. Elmer F. Munshower  Maj. Charles H. Conley
Lt. Paul E. Marsh                 Lt. Holmes D. Baker             Lt. William M. Storm
Lt. Carroll H. Hendrickson  Lt. David M. Schroeder        Lt. Lawrence E. Phebus
Lt. Robert F. Barrick           John J. Snyder                      Robert E. Crumbaugh
Elden A. Kefauver               John Hershberger, Jr.         George Hoshkins Morgan
Victor IKreh                         Marion T. Green                    John A. O'Brien
Marion R. Coleman             Robert Niles Abrecht             Francis B. Sappington, Jr.
Millard F. Stockman            Richard B. King                       G. Ernest Lipps
Charles W. Hoffman           Phillip R. Esterly                     Charles Leroy Kemp
Clarence L. A. Dunsing       Francis H. Urner                    Joseph W. Urner
Irving M. Landauer             Rufus Earl Derr                      Charles A. Haller
Harmon S. Klein                   Paul B. Rhodes                      C. Clifford Cramer
Harry M. Shipley                  Paul B. Hammond                  Walter E. Sinn
Charles Clifford Doll            Frank D. Howard                   Vernon Derr
Carl B. Willard                      Samuel D. Schell                    Charles E. Chew
Harry M. Mullen                   Reno S. Crum
Meeting was called to order by Lt. Col. D. John Markey.  Capt. Elmer F. Munshower was chosen temporary president and Clarence L. A. Dunsing temporary secretary.
Selection of a Post name was brought before the floor for nominations. Lt. William M. Storm suggested the name of Earlston L. Hargett, who made the supreme sacrifice, be chosen.  Other names suggested were Francis Scott Key, Winfield Scott Schley and Frederick City.  A vote by ballot resulted in the selection of Francis Scott Key.
President Munshower then appointed the following committtee on by-laws: Lt. William M. Storm, Chairman David M. Schroeder, Joseph W. Urner and Lt. Paul E. Marsh.  The following were named to temporary executive committee:  Lt. Col. D. John Markey, Chairman John Hershberger, Jr., Rufus Earl Derr, Charles Clifford Doll and Francis H. Urner.  The By-laws Committee is to make application for charter and name a time for next meeting at whichtime the constitution and by-laws will be adopted and permanent officers elected.  
August 14, 1919
First officers were elected as follows:
Post Commander Philip R. Winebrenner
Vice Commander John Shaw
Post Adjutant Clarence L.A. Dunsing
Post Treasurer Francis B. Sappington, Jr.
Post Historian Burton Cannon
Also elected to the Executive Committee were:
William M. Storm, Elmer F. Munshower, Edward P. Thomas, R. Ames Hendrickson and Herbert Schroeder.
A member joining must pay $1.00 initation fee and $1.00 a year dues.
From September 21, 1920 meeting, the Post and a membership on October 1st 1919 of 50 on September 1, 1920, 301 members were now paid up.  The Post had an amount of $475.00 in the bank.
Compiled from the Frederick News and Post archives by
Past Post Commander John Wayne Droneburg.

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