PACT ACT – Clarification from the VA


These are the exposures covered under the


Open Burn Pits/Airborne Hazards

Gulf War Related Exposures

Agent Orange



Received Friday, 7/28/2023

The intent of the PACT ACT register is to have a record on file with the VA for your specific exposure (listed above). It DOES NOT mean you are paid any monetary compensation.

If you have a medical condition that occurred as a result of your exposure, you should work with a VSO or the Office of Eligibility at Martinsburg to file a Disability Benefits Claim – this means you have a medical condition that is a presumptive condition for your specific exposure. If you register for a toxic exposure (list above), and you haven’t had a medical condition that occurred yet, the PACT ACT registry will just stay on file with the VA under your Social Security number. If a presumptive condition occurs in the future, you can then file a Disability Benefits Claim, and the VA will see that you have a registry on file.

Getting on the Toxic Exposure Registry is not required, it is there if you want to be on it.

If you want to get on the Toxic Exposure Registry OR have any questions

call 304-263-0811

when prompted – hit one of the following extensions,

4313 or 3717

Downloads – PDF

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