Post 11 Re-opening – COVID-19 Restrictions

FSK Post 11 Reopening June 19, 2020 at 11:00 am
Bar / Lounge OPEN June 19 (Friday) at 11 am

The Banquet Hall is currently not available for rental / reservations due to COVID-19. We will update this page when restrictions have been changed.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Quick Reference Guide

Note: The daily specials listed on the menu and newsletter are currently not available.  A limited menu is currently available.  

Please see our newsletter for temporary business hours and Ace of Spades.

In an effort to reopen Post 11 in a safe environment for our employees and customers, we are implementing the following rules during this reopening. These rules are utilizing guidelines from various health and licensing agencies. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our facilities in a safe manner. We are looking forward to seeing many of you, your families, and your guests. Please be courteous during these trying times. As regulations change we will make adjustments accordingly.

Rules for Limited Opening

1.      Only the Front Entry Door will be used for Entry/Exit Masks Required.

2.      Only Members of the Legion, Auxiliary, the Sons, and their Guests will be allowed Entry.  Be prepared to show membership card. All guests will leave when their sponsor leaves.  No unaccompanied guest will be permitted entry.

3.      A maximum of 105 will be permitted entry.

4.      Customer seated at the bar must comply with appropriate social distancing guidelines of at least 6 feet, except for household or group seated together. Standing at bar not permitted.  

5.      Tables are set for maximum of 6 at table  (Do not move tables or chairs).

6.      No walk up service permitted, including Tip Jars Sales. The Staff will provide this service.  Patron may go to the Lottery Payout Terminal (wearing mask) for payouts. 

7.      Upon leaving table or bar seat or machine, the table and chairs and games will be cleaned and disinfected.

8.      You must wear masks except when seated and if you leave seating to go to restroom or exit your mask should be worn. Children 9 and over must wear mask.

9.      Please utilize the hand sanitizers provided, especially when utilizing ATM, or Gaming Machines, as well as upon leaving restrooms.

10.    No outside food, drinks, or food/drink containers allowed.

If you have any questions, please call the Legion at 301-662-9345 and leave a message.  Please leave a call back number if you want your call returned, as I don’t have access to the caller ID.  Kind regards, Patricia L. Swiderski

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