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Francis Scott Key Post 11

Requirements for Admittance

The following shall be admitted to the Post Home:

  • All members of The American Legion

  • All members of the American Legion Auxiliary

  • All members of The Sons of The American Legion

  • Guests, if accompanied by members of The American Legion, Auxiliary, or Sons of The American Legion. Members are responsible for their guests and may not leave before guests. (No admittance of Guests without sponsoring member Guest must leave when the sponsor departs!)

  • All Non-Post 11 Members Must Sign The Guest Book Located At The Front Entrance and to include Post 11 sponsor’s name.

  • Visiting American Legion Family Members must sign the Guest Book. (No Post 11 Sponsor required, as a courtesy to fellow members! However, Membership Card must be shown prior to being served.)

  • All individuals who access the Post Lounge without a Post 11 Key Card, must show your American legion, Sons of the American Legion or American Legion Auxiliary Membership Card prior to being served.

Lounge Menus

Check our Newsletters for current Specials.

See our Events Calendar for scheduled Entertainment.

You may also check our Newsletters for current events and details.

Use of Credit Cards

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  • Post 11 only accepts Visa and MasterCard.

  • Minimum charge: $10

  • Credit Card use is restricted to American Legion Post 11 Members, American Legion Squadron 11 Members and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 11 Members.

  • ATM available for use in the Hall Reception Area.

Francis Scott Key Post 11 Home Rules

The following Post Home Rules were amended and adopted by the General Membership at the Post Meeting on February 13, 2024.

Francis Scott Key Post 11, The American Legion is committed to providing our members and employees with a non-hostile Post Home environment. Be aware that conversations and remarks made on our premises are easily overheard and even if made in jest may be misunderstood. Please honor our commitment when you are patronizing our facility.

The following shall be admitted to the Post Home:

a) All members of The American Legion

b) All members of the American Legion Auxiliary

c) All members of The Sons of The American Legion

d) Guests, if accompanied by members of The American Legion, Auxiliary, or Sons of The American Legion.

Members are responsible for their guests and may not leave before guests.


1. Direct threats, threatening remarks or gestures, whether overt, implied, or veiled, will not be tolerated on the premises of Francis Scott Key Post 11, The American Legion.

2. Persons are expected to dress appropriately. Attire such as muscle shirts and swimwear are not acceptable in the social quarters (lounge and game room).

3. Legionnaires and guests are kindly requested to help keep Post Home clean and tidy.

4. The senior employee on duty shall have the full authority to enforce home rules and may eject any person for misconduct or violation of the home rules. Any Executive Committee member may do the same.

5. If suspended, only members have a right to execute the appeal process if they so choose but will remain suspended until the appeal is resolved.

6. No member or guest shall reprimand an officer or an employee of The American Legion. Any suggestion or criticism of the lounge or Legion operation shall be in writing, dated and signed, and submitted to the House Committee or Executive Committee, where it will be given due consideration.

7. The employees or attendants on duty may refuse service to anyone.

8. Any member or guest of member, removing, damaging or destroying any property of The American Legion shall pay for such damage.

9. No intoxicated members or guests will be served on the premises.

10. No alcoholic drinks of any kind may be taken from or brought onto the premises at any time.

11. No alcoholic drinks are to be served to minors under any circumstances.

12. No one under the age of 21 may sit at the bar.

13. Dogs or other pets will not be allowed on the premises except service dogs.

14. Loud, boisterous or profane language will not be tolerated in the Post Home.

15. Tip jar players must be 18 years of age.

16. Do not remove tip jar “playbacks” from the Post Home. Playbacks that leave the premises will not be cashed. Playbacks will not be honored after the jar is closed.

17. Winning tip jar holders must be claimed within 30 days or the money will be forfeited to the Post.

18. Members must be 18 or older to be eligible to sign the daily/weekly jackpot books.

19. Jackpot books must be signed legibly or printed by the member the same as appears on your membership card.

20. No one is allowed to sign the jackpot books for any other member.

21. In the event the ATM is not available, checks will be accepted in the lounge from Post 11 members only. Prior to writing a check, members must ask the bartender if funds are available. Checks may be cashed up to $200.00 per check at the bartender’s discretion.

22. No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the game room unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

23. Minor children visiting the lounge area must be seated at a table. Parents/Guardians must be seated with the children at all times. No minors are allowed to play the video Lottery games.

24. Anyone under the age of 17 must not be in the lounge after 9:00 p.m.

25. Remote controls for the bar televisions will be operated solely by the bartenders. Customers may only re- quest channel selection on one television, unless other customers in the area agree with the changes. Chan- nels may not be changed if others are watching current programs.

26. Jukebox may not be played when a major event is being televised (i.e., Army/Navy game, Super Bowl, Final Four, etc.) or while band is performing. The bartender will control the volume after checking with customers.

27. Music played on the Jukebox or other sources, that is not in line with the core values of the American Legion or has profanity in it will be muted and no money will be refunded.

28. Members must exit the building within 30 minutes of last call.

29. Slot machine play will be cash out within 15 minutes of last call.

30. Illegal drugs, smoking of cannabis or other related materials (i.e. edibles and hemp) is prohibited on American Legion property. This includes outdoor spaces and indoor spaces open to the public on Legion property. Cannabis and its byproducts remain illegal at the federal level, and by our National organization (American Legion). We retain the right and authority by Maryland State Law to have anyone who uses or distributes these products escorted off our property by Legal Authorities or take legal action against them.

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