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America’s largest supporter of veterans

The American Legion is the nation’s largest and most powerful organization of U.S. wartime veterans and their families. Today, it counts 2 million members who support their communities in more than 12,000 posts across the United States and worldwide. Since its inception by Congress in 1919, The American Legion has delivered substantial improvements for veterans, families and communities. The Legion ushered in the modern VA. The Legion drafted and drove home passage of the GI Bill and the Post-9/11 GI Bill. The Legion has brought into existence dozens of health-care benefits for veterans and programs designed to provide civilian careers after discharge. Every day, the Legion works on behalf of U.S. servicemen and women. It is recognized as a leader in transition assistance from military to civilian life, providing resources for careers, education, child care and more. American Legion members work together to support their local communities, focusing on services classified under the organization’s four pillars.

Pillar I: Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

The American Legion Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation pillar is composed of programs, services and advocacy efforts that improve the lives of those who served, along with their families and dependents. The Legion works one-on-one with veterans to ensure they receive proper benefits. Service Officers spend the majority of their time on claims for VA disability benefits, but these compassion¬ate professionals also provide information, referrals and resources on education, employment and business, death benefits and other topics. Activities include:

  • Employment and Business
  • Veterans Education and the GI Bill
  • Working with VA
  • Board of Veteran’s Appeal
  • Women Veterans
  • Discharge Review
  • Help for Homeless Veterans
  • VA Volunteer Services
  • Final Respects

Pillar II: National Security

The American Legion’s positions on national defense, homeland security, border control and military support are all part of the long-held Legion value that the key to peace and world stability is a strong, well-resourced defense. Activities include:

  • Operation Comfort Warriors
  • Military Quality of Life
  • Support for Tricare
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Border Security and Immigration
  • National Emergency Fund
  • Blue Star Banners
  • Blood Donor Program
  • Foreign Relations
  • Full Accounting of POW/MIAs

Pillar III: Americanism

For those looking to make differences in their local communities, The American Legion is a great place to start. From Legion Baseball to Boys State/Boys Nation to the Oratorical Contest, there are plenty of opportunities to make your mark. Activities include:

  • Boys State/Boys Nation
  • Junior Shooting Sports
  • Oratorical Competition
  • Youth Law Cadet Enforcement
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Education Assistance
  • Legacy Scholarship
  • U.S. Flag Protection and Education
  • ROTC
  • Voter Participation

Pillar IV: Children & Youth

The American Legion’s Children & Youth pillar is guided by three main objectives: strengthen the family unit, support organizations that help children in need, and provide communities with well-rounded programs to provide hope and opportunity for young people facing difficult challenges. Activities include:

  • Family Support Network
  • Child Welfare Foundation

Why Join FSK Post 11, The American Legion

Since its formation, FSK Post 11 has participated in a wide variety of American Legion and Community Activities and Programs. While some were standard and endorsed by the National and Department Organizations, each Post Commander has had the option to create committees to execute these programs, as well as establish additional ones. Committees, Activities and Programs are listed on the Programs Page.

Additionally, Post 11 Members work together on committees and socialize to sustain the comradeship of their military service and comrade in arms friendships. The following are a sampling of the benefits of Post 11 Membership:

  • 100 Years of tradition and service to veterans of Frederick County
  • Opportunity to work on local issues for veterans
  • Post 11 Programs
  • Networking/socializing with fellow veterans and their families
  • Access to the Post Home
  • Family friendly & oriented environment
  • Children social event
  • Restaurant & Lounge access
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